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Preston Village Swim Team Policies

  1. All swimmers who register for the Tiger Sharks must live in Preston Village. There will be no refunds for swimmers who register, yet do not live in Preston Village.
  2. All 8 & under swimmers who are new to the Tiger Sharks this season must attend an assessment with the coaching staff to ensure that they are able to swim safely across the pool. To be eligible for the swim team, all swimmers must be able to swim continuously from one side of the pool to the other without assistance or holding the lane line.
  3. Swimmers must wear an official Tiger Sharks swimsuit for swim meets. (Tiger Sharks swimsuits from previous seasons are also acceptable.)
  4. All swimmers will need to declare their participation (or non-participation) for each Tuesday night swim meet no later than the Sunday evening prior to the meet. Swimmers who have not declared by Sunday will not be able to swim in the Tuesday meet.
  5. If a swimmer fails to show up to a meet for which s/he has committed to attending, s/he will not be permitted to swim in a relay team or main event at the next swim meet. They can still swim in non-main events.
  6. Please note, membership is not refundable after June 8, 2021.
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