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Code of Conduct / Disciplinary Policy

Revised 2/28/19

In order to better serve the needs of our organization and ensure continued success our team, the Preston Village Tiger Sharks has adopted a Parent Code of Conduct to help establish a friendly, safe, and productive swim team environment.

Our team is fortunate to have experienced, professional coaches who freely give their time and energy to help our children to become better swimmers and more importantly, better individuals. As a team of parents, it is our obligation to ensure our coaching staff is given the respect and authority they deserve.



  1. Open communication between parents, athletes and coaches is important. Please be respectful though and wait until the end of practice/meet to speak with your child’s coach.
  2. Parents must encourage regular, prompt attendance and should ensure that swimmers arrive on-time for practices and meets.
  3. Parent participation is required for the success of our team. Parents are expected to volunteer at swim meets and at social events as described in the registration packet. Parents also are required to donate two snack bar items during the season.
  4. It is the parents' responsibility to stay informed about upcoming events, changes in schedules, etc., by checking the swim team link on the web site at prestonvillage.swimtopia.com, team e-mails, and the bulletin board at the pool on a regular basis.
  5. Parents must keep the coaches informed of their child's availability to swim (or not swim) in each meet via the "declaration" process.
  6. Parents of 10U swimmers must adhere to drop-off regulations: Swimmers 6 and under must have a parent onsite at all times. Swimmers 7 through 10 years old must have a parent onsite immediately before and after each practice. Coaches cannot supervise children outside of scheduled practice times. For all children under the age of 10, parents must supervise their child(ren) in any bathroom/locker room facilities.
  7. Although it is tempting, please refrain from coaching your children at practice or during competitions. Your role as a parent is to provide love and support. The coach is responsible for the technical part of the job.
  8. Positive reinforcement is important to all athletes in all situations. Swimming is your child's activity. Improvement and progress occur at different rates for each individual. Do not judge your child's progress based on the performance of other athletes and do not push him/her based on what you think they should be doing. Your child should strive for his/her personal best.
  9. Coaches are people too! Do let your coach’s know when you think they are doing a good job.


  1. Regular, on-time attendance to all practices when feasible; a minimum of three times per week to see improvement.
  2. Respect, support, and encourage your teammates at all times; exhibit good sportsmanship and always do your best for yourself and your team.
  3. Refrain from all "horse play” and “goofing around" that interferes with practice, or is dangerous.


  1. Members will respect team e-mail distribution lists, only sending messages for lost/found gear, sharing gear, or social gatherings.
  2. Members will respect the health of all members by staying home when sick.
  3. Members will respect the coaches and give them their full attention when they are speaking.
  4. Parents and swimmers will respect our team members and our competitors, through exhibiting good sportsmanship, encouragement, and support during practice and meets.
  5. Foul Language or name calling is not permitted. Disrespectful, indiscreet or destructive behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. Pushing, hitting, kicking, pulling hair, or any other intentional unwanted touching or interfering is not permitted. Running or other horseplay activity is not allowed; disrupting teammates during stretching or practices is not permitted.
  7. Members are not allowed to sit or stand on lane lines, or climb on lane line reels.


  1. At the discretion of the Head Coaches any one or all of the following penalties will be applied: typically a three-step disciplinary action will be taken. First offense—a verbal warning; second offense—a time-out (for 10U swimmers) or a disciplinary action at the coach’s discretion (for 11 & up swimmers); third offense—swimmer is removed from practice and parents will be called immediately to pick up their child.
  2. Coaches may remove any swimmer from practice, without warning, if the swimmer’s actions are deemed unsafe.

My electronic signature below is on behalf of the swimmer below who is a minor. I acknowledge that the swimmer has read the Code of Conduct; that he or she has signed this form; that he or she agrees to abide by the rules of conduct as set forth in Part II above; and that he or she will be subject to disciplinary action should he or she violate any provision in Part II.

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