Tomorrow's Meet and Potential Weather

In case you're starting to wonder about the weather situation for the meet tomorrow, the meet has not been cancelled.  

Like I used to ask my swimmers, who would ask if practice was cancelled when it was raining, what, you don't want to get wet?

For those asking, here are some highlights from the TSA rulebook on how the meet is operated and factors going into delays, declaring the meet early, or cancelling the meet all together.

  1. Teams must arrive on planned day of the meet (Tuesday).  If we don't show up, we forfeit the meet
  2. We will attempt to run as many events as safely possible
  3. If we cannot swim tomorrow, we will attempt to swim on Wednesday
  4. Be prepared for up to a 1 hour delay in the meet.  If we cannot complete the meet tomorrow (or the delay lasts > 60 minutes) the remainder of the meet will be swum on Wednesday
  5. If all of the breaststroke events have been completed, the meet can be considered "official" and completed
  6. If between both days we cannot finish all of the backstroke events, the meet will be declared a tie
  7. The two TSA reps will confer on any other options, and if/when to decide the meet is final.  We want to provide as many competition opportunities as safely possible, and will do our best for the families and swimmers.

We understand that if we are to return to the meet on Wednesday, that attendance can be different on Wednesday vs Tuesday. If this occurs we will send out information on how to "re-confirm" attendance for the Wednesday meet.

So bundle up, pack those slickers, and let's go make the best of our North Carolina weather and summer swimming!


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