Declare for Park Village Swim Meet

Hi Tiger Sharks!

Please remember to declare your swimmers for our home swim meet Tuesday! The deadline to declare is Saturday (7/9) at 11:30pm; if you have not declared your swimmer(s) by then, they will not be able to swim in the meet. Even if you are not able to attend the meet, please declare your swimmers as not attending so we know you are not attending and have not simply forgotten to respond.

This week, we will be swimming at our pool against Park Village. This is our second division meet and our final home meet of the season. Just like our previous meets, swimmers need to be able to swim their races unassisted to be able to participate in this swim meet!


If you have not yet signed up to serve as a volunteer, please do so - we need everyone’s help to run this meet! Last week, we did not have enough volunteers to cover all the roles; we need at least one person from every swimmer’s family signing up for a shift.

If you have other family members who are not swimming or volunteering during the meet, they are welcome to sit by the deep end of the pool, and along that side past our red tents - please bring folding chairs, as there is limited seating available. We reserve the side by the shallow end, by the baby pool, for our visiting team to set up.


This Tuesday for Team Building, we are going to be building “boats” out of pool noodles, tape, and other items and racing them in the pool. Team Building will be from 9:30-10:15am on Tuesday, and we will meet at the pool.


Our cash-only concessions stand will have pizza, Chick-fil-a, and hotdogs as well as other snacks and beverages available for purchase during the evening. Please bring small bills to use at our concession stand!


Please arrive by 4:30pm to check in. Warm ups will start at 5:00pm, and the meet will begin at 6:00. Please make sure to arrive on time! If for any reason you will be late, please let Coach Ben and I know if you have not done so already!


Please save the spots in the pool parking lot for our visiting swim team, Park Village. You can park in the picnic shelter lot by the park, or along Preston Village Way on the pool/lake side only, so emergency vehicles have room to pass on the other side.


Our theme for this meet is Red Out - wear as much red as you can to support our team!

Coach Julia

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